Blue NAO action figure

  • Blue NAO action figure
  • Blue NAO action figure
  • Blue NAO action figure
The figurine is a 1/4 scale replica of NAO (15 cm high).
This articulated 'little NAO' is the perfect companion for every adventure you can imagine! Collectible for fans or as a gift for youngsters, this action figure is a great way to start exploring Aldebaran's unique universe.

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Technical information

- Scale: 1/4

- Size: 15 cm.

- Color: blue; also available in red.

- Complies with European, American, Chinese and Japanese toy standards. CE marking.

- 20 degrees of freedom, for movement: 4 on each leg, 5 on each arm, 2 for the head.

Warning: not suitable for children under 3.

Blue NAO action figure Reviews

TheNaoMaster - 12/26/2015

and why doesn't the real robot cost this much?
naoman - 10/29/2015
is he just a toy?
naoman - 10/29/2015
so close
naoman - 10/29/2015
almost there
naoman - 10/29/2015
five stars
naoman - 10/29/2015
i want him to have five stars!!!!
naoman - 10/29/2015
can somebody please tell me how cool he is?
naoman - 10/29/2015
i wish the real robot would costs as much as him
naoman - 10/29/2015
i wish he appered at my home
naoman - 10/29/2015
i want him free!!!
naoman - 10/29/2015
Robowrangler - 7/3/2015
Have early models in blue and red from 2014. Adult friends actually endlessly play with these! They do not have all the degrees of freedom like the real NAO so they cannot squat or sit so they are 1/4 scale replica in appearance only. Also, be careful when carryng to parties. Have already broken an arm at a shoulder joint and no easy way to repair:( Like the idea of remote control version, but must be 25 DoF! Also, shipping to USA from France is expensive. These could be packed with NAO components sent to Boston for repairs and shipped locally for less. Would buy more as gifts then.
NAOlol - 6/10/2015
Best toy ever
RivalTech - 1/17/2015
needs real electronics like the real NAO but instead using Remote Controls to make it move and try Orange and Yellow for color
toy player - 12/22/2014
To me its amazing but sadly I can not get it cause me and my family does not have enough money. :[
jayjayn - 12/10/2014
NOT THE COLOR IN THE PHOTOS, I'm really disappointed that the color isn't the Candy Blue in the photos and paint quality isn't great with imperfections and marks on the face .
Clement - 12/1/2014
I love it !
Henry cox - 11/26/2014
The best!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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