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Please note that this FAQ has been written in order to give you a broad overview on how the Aldebaran Store functions. As a result, some large Robots and Applications related questions are also treated. If you are asking yourself specific technical questions, please visit Community or write to our support teams.

About robots

Can I have Pepper?

Soon ! Pepper is available for sale only for developers in Japan for the time being. Go on SoftBank website to learn about it (Pepper’s description is in Japanese for the time being).

Can I have NAO?

The first robot of Aldebaran’s family is, for the moment, only available to developers, companies, academics and public institutions. If you’re part of one of these categories and want to acquire NAO, please contact our sales team.

What is Community?

Community is an online platform where everyone can come, share and learn not only about Aldebaran’s robots, but robotics problematics in general as well. It was at first specifically designed for developers and professionals; little by little it opened its content to a larger audience. You don’t need to own Pepper or NAO to come around, read and ask questions.

Community’s content is made of technical documentation, softwares, forums, blog, tutorials, FAQs (for instance if you have a technical question about NAO or Pepper’s uses and Applications)… It is also the place for you to meet other robotics aficionados, online and in the “real world” with the “user group” for example. Passionate about robotics or only curious, you should find everything you need there, and even more.

I forgot my Robot’s password, what can I do?

The first question to be asked should be: why a password? Your Robot is unique, and as so it might arouse the envy of ill-intentioned people. This is the main reason why it comes with a password (differentiated from your Aldebaran Community user account password), especially for Pepper. While in the case of NAO, password has been firstly set up as a mean to merely allow you to access your Robot, Pepper’s password encapsulates a great role of safeguarding.

Concretely, you will set a password while accessing and configuring your Robot for the first time. Please note that in the case of Pepper it is a “remote access password”: it is only required to access your Robot from your computer (or any other device it is or will be possible to access your Robot from), not from Pepper’s tablet.

In both cases, only you know the password; if you lose it, you’ll have to use a factory reset to restore NAO or Pepper.

Do I need to register and update my Robot? If so, how do I do it?

Before welcoming your Robot into your place, you will be asked to create an Aldebaran account. This account will connect you to the Aldebaran Store, Community, the platforms of the Aldebaran Cloud and allow you to set up, manage and upgrade your Robot.

To be registered, functional and then run its Applications/OS updates by himself, your Robot needs to be connected to your Aldebaran user Account. Do not worry!

For NAO you only need to register him once and then check that the “automatic update” or “set system update” settings are on in the “manage" section of the Store.

The system is identical for Pepper, connecting is only necessary at his first registration; then, he automatically runs every updates through Wi-Fi by pairing with your account.

Broadly speaking - as long as Wi-Fi connected - Robots communicate with your account all the time in order to update their Applications/OS themselves.

I forgot the password of my account, can you help me getting it back?

Of course, please enter your e-mail address in here.

About applications

What about NAO’s Applications?

NAO will hopefully be soon available for the general audience. His Applications are, for the time being, all available on other platforms (store Apps 1.14 and store Apps 2.1) depending on your version of NAOqi. This might sound tricky but don’t you worry, it’s not: both the stores can be directly reached in the Aldebaran Store on the applications tab.

How do I  install an Application on Pepper from any device but Pepper’s tablet?

1- Make sure you have created your Aldebaran user account

2- Connect Pepper to it

3- Go to the Aldebaran Store, click on the "sign in" icon and enter your credentials

4- On the Aldebaran Store, choose "Applications". Select an Application, click on the "install" button and check the box “I accept the conditions” (please note that you must go on the “settings” tab on Pepper’s tablet and click on “Update your Applications” for the newly downloaded Applications to be fully functional).

How do I install an Application on Pepper from his tablet?

1- Open the Applications tab on the Store

2- Choose your Application

3- Tick the box “I accept the conditions”

4- Click on “Install”

5- While closing the Store, the Application will be automatically downloaded and installed on Pepper

Why can’t I download a Pepper Application / Why my Applications don’t work?

If you don’t have a Robot, you cannot download any Application. Then, the type of available Applications and the ability to download them depend on the Plan you’ve subscribed to (a Plan is like a phone subscription. In the case of Pepper, the Basic Plan is the subscription that allows you to get the most Applications so far).

A difficulty rises if, for instance, you do have Pepper, did subscribe to the Basic Plan and a downloadable Application does not work properly. In this case go on Community (forum and FAQ) or ask your question here.A difficulty rises if, for instance, you do have Pepper, did subscribe to the Basic Plan and a downloadable Application does not work properly. In this case go on Community (forum and FAQ) or ask your question here.

Why are there only Applications in Japanese for Pepper?

For the time being, Pepper is sold in Japan exclusively. His Applications are therefore in Japanese; but this will hopefully soon evolve.

From which device can I download an Application?

Download Applications from any devices the Aldebaran Store is available from: PC, Mac, tablet, Ipad (or directly from Pepper’s tablet).

What is the first Application I should install for Pepper to live properly?

Rejoice: there is no Application you should particularly install in this regard, Pepper being fully operational!

Can I get support on a specific Application?

Yes, and it’s really easy. Go on Community or ask your question here.

How to remove an Application from Pepper?

Go on the Aldebaran Store and click on "uninstall" on the Application page. Then go to Pepper’s settings (icon on the App Launcher) and click on "update Application". It’s done!

Can I find a list of my purchased Applications?

Absolutely, you just have to go on My account and then hit My apps.

Can I use Pepper’s Applications on NAO and vice versa?

NAO and Pepper might be from the same family, they are very different robots: different shapes, sizes, ways to move, versions of the operating system NAOqi… Therefore for now you cannot transfer one’s Application to the other. But be patient, this will soon change!