Nao Features

An accessible platform

NAO is the ideal playing field for newcomers to IT code up to the most advanced developers. Entirely programmable, NAO has a range of behaviors and applications that allow him to relate to adults and children in a playful, interactive way. His programming interface is very intuitive and has been designed to be accessible for all levels. Those who are used to C++/Python/ Java will also find in NAO the ideal platform to let their creativity run wild.

Fluid movements

NAO can walk smoothly and confidently thanks to the four pressure sensors that are found on each of his soles. The accelerometers and the gyroscopes in his core control his balance. In case he starts to fall, NAO automatically positions his arms in a way that allows him to fall without damaging himself. 25 different motors control NAO's movements with utter precision. And, thanks to a very intuitive interface, the Choreographe software platform allows everyone access to develop the behavioral repertoire of NAO.

HD binocular vision

NAO is equipped with two cameras that film his environment in high resolution (1280*960p). The images are run through a recognition software that is capable of identifying faces and objects. NAO is also integrated with an Atom Z530 processor, which provides all of the necessary power to operate these complex image treatments. This video flux can be easily exported to a computer, tablet or smartphone.

Natural interactions

To interact naturally with humans, NAO has four directional microphones. He can therefore precisely locate the position of the source of sound and direct himself towards it. His vocal recognition program can interpret verbal questions which NAO answers in the appropriate manner. Two loud-speakers allow him to play music, or to express himself in 19 languages (French, English, Spanish, German, Italian, Chinese, Japanese, Korean, and more).

Sensors up and down

NAO has multiple sensors. The two sound emitters and receivers placed on NAO's chest allow him to know the distance between him and immediate obstacles (within 3 meters). Another sensor integrated in his battery lets him know his battery strength. Other sensors allow to control the temperature of the motors by measuring electric current passing through the motors' coils. In addition, NAO has three buttons on his head and his hands. These sensors help NAO to feel taps or pressure from his user. They can be used to play games, for social interactions or can be assigned to new commands.

Hyper connected

For instant access to the Internet, NAO has wireless connectivity (Wifi 802.11b/g/n). In the back of his head there is an Ethernet port that enables him to be wired to a computer. NAO can also exchange data via an infrared emitter and receiver.

A growing Aldebaran Community

Community is powerful, which is why NAO is built on free and open Linux architecture (Gentoo distribution). In this way, NAO discovers new skills, new games and new choreographies everyday! More than a hundred applications are already available in a very wide range of domains.
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