Nao Connectivite Detection Language Tracking Nao Loves You Perception Mouvement

1. Connectivity

NAO can communicate through Wi-Fi or Ethernet; he is compatible with IEEE 802.11b/g/n standards. He can be used on WPA or WEP networks, which allows him to connect from your home or your office.

2. Detection

With his two cameras, NAO perceives the physical world around him and can identify objects around him. It enables him to follow, find and remember objects, members of your family and even your mood!

3. Language

Four directional microphones on NAO's head help him to distinguish the source of sounds and to locate his interlocator. He can then turn towards him and start interacting. Recognition and speech synthesis are available in 19 languages.

4. Tracking

NAO knows how to identify faces and follows whoever is speaking with his eyes. Better still, he can identify people around him and, following the usage presentations, is capable of naming his owner and others by their first name.
Nao loves you

5. A new experience with NAO

NAO is a 58 cm tall humanoid robot, a real companion that can interact with you, walk, dance, sing… NAO is a programmable robot allowing developers from all around the world to take part in the creation of applications to improve his capacities everyday.

6. Perception

NAO uses his sonars to percieve his immediate environment and to move around in space. On his head, hands and feet, NAO has tactile sensors allowing him to respond to touch.


NAO can maneuver on flat and smooth surfaces. He can fall without hurting himself and will get back up automatically. NAO is also an excellent dancer and can do complex choreographies..
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