Pepper Connectivite Detection Language Tracking Nao Loves You Perception Mouvement

1. Connectivity

When Pepper is connected to the internet, he can provide you with the latest news and weather forecast, not to mention stock market updates! By turns witty, cheeky and emotional, he can have conversations on various topics.

2. Detection

Thanks to his three video cameras, Pepper is able to detect his surrounding area. He can also identify emotions in your facial expressions and your voice! When you are happy, he will rejoice with you; when you are sad, he will comfort you.

3. Language

Four directional microphones in Pepper's head enable him to identify where sounds come from and locate you. Pepper is also able to detect emotions in voices (joy, surprise, anger, doubt and sadness). This means he can have a conversation with you.

4. Screen

Pepper's touchscreen always displays his emotions and what is going on in his inner world.

5. Pepper, the interactive robot

Pepper is a 120cm humanoid robot who moves and lives independently, and is able to communicate intuitively with you and react to your touch, your voice and your emotions.

6. Perception

Pepper uses his sonar to perceive his environment and to move around.

7. Motion

Pepper's movements are as smooth as a human's thanks to his numerous joints. He has three omnidirectional wheels to move – and even dance when you ask him to!
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