Terms & Conditions

Softbank Robotics

Softbank Robotics (a simplified joint stock company with a capital of 8 621 260 Euros, registered with the Paris Trade and Companies Register under number 483 185 807 00052, and whose headquarters is located at 43, rue du Colonel Pierre Avia - 75015 Paris (‘Softbank’ or ‘us’, ‘we’ and ‘our’) has various resources at your disposition, such as this website, an online shop, free download spaces, as well as product information and evaluation (‘Services’), which can be found at this address: store.aldebaran.com.

By using any of our Services or purchasing products from our Store, you are agreeing to the current conditions of use and sale (‘Terms and Conditions’). You can familiarize yourself with other regulations, licenses, or certain conditions (‘Specific Conditions’) by using certain Services, or through purchasing products, which will possibly require your consent. In the event of a contradiction between these Terms and Conditions and the Specific Conditions, the latter takes precedence.


I. Intellectual Property

Any item of content available on the Store or via the Download Service, in particular texts, buttons, comments, documents, digital downloads, illustrations, works and images, are the property of Softbank, its affiliates or its content suppliers, and are thus protected by the applicable intellectual property provisions. Any reproduction or representation, complete or partial, of the Store, or any elements featured on the Store, is strictly forbidden.

Company names, brands and product characteristics within the Store are protected by trademark law. Any reproduction or representation, complete or partial, of these characteristics is strictly forbidden without the prior written authorization of the brand owner.


You must not, in any instance, use the Download Service for illicit or fraudulent purposes, or in any manner that contradicts the Terms and Conditions. It must not be used in any manner that would be susceptible to damaging, deactivating, overloading, interrupting or deteriorating any of the said service or its usability for third party users.

You are not authorized to attempt to access the Download Service, other accounts, IT systems, or networks linked to an Softbank server, via whatever means, including hacking and researching passwords. In this respect, Softbank reserves the right to refuse your access to the Store and close your account, if you are in violation of the applicable laws, these Terms and Conditions, or any of Softbank’s Specific Conditions.


To use our Download Service, you must create an Softbank account by following the registration process. To create a Softbank account, you must provide certain personal details, such as your name, surname and email address, and may require you to accept specific conditions of use. You are responsible for providing correct and honest details, and for updating them should they change.

You will also be required to choose a username and a password. It is explicitly stated that these elements are confidential. You are solely responsible for the consequences of your account’s use up until its deactivation. You are responsible for informing Softbank immediately of any non-authorized access to your account, and/or password, and/or any security breach. It is your duty to personalize and change your password regularly.


You must respect the following regulations when posting a comment on the Store:

To post a comment, you must be over 18 and have an Adelbaran account in your name.
Comment rejection motives. A comment can be rejected for the following motives:

- If you do not respect the publication conditions stated above;
- If its content contains insults or profanities;
- If any elements relating to the author’s identity contain verbal abuse or offensive language;
- If its content contains random characters or a series of words that lacks meaning;
- If its content has no relevance to the product;
- If its content is poorly written to the point of being incomprehensible;
- If you write an inappropriate comment regarding other content or its author;
- If the comment being posted features personal information, such as names of individuals, telephone numbers, addresses and email addresses;
- If its content features credit card details, social security numbers, bank details, or any other information that could lead to identity theft;
- If its content features an appeal for legal action;
- If its content mentions websites, or features hyperlinked text or a URL;
- If its content clearly resembles spam.

In the case of repeated violation of the conditions mentioned above, Softbank reserves the right to delete your account or to limit your access to certain Services, and/or to delete all comments that have been posted by you.


It is possible that your access to the Download Service can be occasionally suspended or restricted in order to carry out maintenance work, to add features or to improve the service. Softbank will strive to limit the frequency of these interruptions, and the duration of these suspensions or restrictions. In any case, Softbank cannot take responsibility on the grounds of any damage caused as a result of these suspensions or restrictions.


Applications may be published by Softbank (‘Softbank Applications’) or by a third-party publisher (‘Developer Applications’). In accordance with these Terms and Conditions, you are not granted any rights to Softbank Applications or Developer Applications, which retain all related rights, titles and ownership, and you accept that applications obtained via the Store are subject to the license agreement established below in Appendix 1, unless the application in question is subject to Special License Conditions, in which case these Special Conditions shall prevail over the terms of the license in Appendix 1.


The objective of this article is not to limit our responsibility towards you in the capacity in which the law foresees such a responsibility, or in virtue of the legal rights to which you are entitled. Softbank, including its affiliates and subsidiaries, cannot be held responsible on any of the following grounds: • Loss of revenue, loss of profits, loss of opportunity, loss of contracts, loss of data; or • The occurrence of the non-execution or improper execution of one or more of the obligations contained within these Terms and Conditions, whether that is on your behalf, or whether it is an unforeseen and insurmountable result of a third party to the contract, or the result of a force majeur as detailed in article 1145 of the French Civil Code.


We reserve the right to make changes to the Store and to our terms and conditions, including these General Conditions of Use, at any moment. You are subject to the entirety of the present conditions regarding the use of the Store from the moment you accept them, unless a change in the conditions is carried out by an administrative or government authority (in this case, this modification can be applied to old orders that you have made). If any stipulation of these Terms and Conditions or Specific Conditions is deemed invalid, null or inapplicable, for whatever reason, this stipulation will be deemed separable, and will not affect the validity and the effectiveness of pendant stipulations.

IX. Modification and termination of Services

Softbank reserves the right to add or eliminate features or functions on the Store and/or to stop providing the Download Service. Softbank will not be held liable for the elimination of the Service or any feature, nor will this elimination entitle you to any compensation or indemnification.


These Terms and Conditions are regulated by French law and subject to jurisdiction from French courts. The Store conforms to French legislation, and in no instance do we give guarantee of conformity to local legislation that is applicable to you when you access the Store from other countries.


Use of data. Information and data that you communicate with us are necessary for using the Store and associated Download Service.. This information and data are also conserved for security measures, in order to adhere to legal obligations and regulations, as well as to allow us to improve and personalize our services and the information that we give you.

Cookies. The Store can store information on your computer or device. This information takes the form of ‘Cookies’ or a similar file. ‘Cookies’ contain information that do not feature any personal information and which are sent via the server to the hard-drive of the user’s computer or device. The role of cookies is essentially to identify the user more quickly when connected. You recognize and accept that Softbank reserves the possibility to implant a ‘cookie’ in your computer or device in order to register all information relative to your navigation on the Store.

Right to the access, opposition and correction of this information. You have the right to the access and correction of your personal data, which you can exercise by updating the information on your Softbank account. Furthermore, you have the right to oppose the use of your data for legitimate reasons, which you can exercise by writing a message to the following email address: digital@aldebaran.com. In accordance with current regulations, your request must be signed and accompanied by the photocopy of a form of identification featuring your signature.


If you do not adhere to these Terms and Conditions and we do not initiate any action, this does not imply that we renounce our rights and we will still reserve the right to exercise our rights and legal means in all other situations in which you violate these Terms and Conditions. If a particular condition in these Terms and Conditions is declared inapplicable, this will have no impact on other provisions of the Terms and Conditions. In the event of a dispute between the French version of these Terms and Conditions and any other version, only the French version will be applicable, in the limits where this is authorized by the laws of the applicable jurisdiction.

Appendix 1

End-user license agreement applicable to the applications available on the Store:

The Softbank Applications available on the Store are granted to you in a license by Softbank and you agree to be bound to Softbank by the terms of the license below for every Softbank Application ordered on the Store.
Similarly, the Developer Applications available on the Store are granted to you in a license by third-party publishers, and for every Developer Application ordered on the Store you agree to be bound to this third-party publisher by the terms of the license below.
You also acknowledge and accept that Softbank is not party to the license agreement between you and the third-party publisher, which has sole responsibility to you and third parties for its Developer Application.
Each of the aforementioned licenses is granted under the End-user agreement ("EULA") below, which you accept.
For the purposes of this EULA, the Developer Application and the Softbank Application are hereinafter referred to together as "the Application."

  • (i) Rights granted - Duration. After the payment of any applicable fees, you will be granted a non-exclusive and non-transferable license for the Application and be subject to all its restrictions, particularly its duration as stipulated in the Special Conditions. Unless a written agreement is effectually established between you and Softbank or the third-party publisher, the aforementioned user license for the Application is granted for non-commercial purposes. You cannot distribute or circulate the Application on a network where it could be used simultaneously by multiple devices. You cannot rent, loan, sell, assign, redistribute or grant a sublicense for the Application, and you must erase the downloaded Application from any robot you wish to resell to a third party. You cannot copy (except under the express terms set forth by this license), decompile, reverse engineer, disassemble or attempt to derive the source code, modify or create work derived from all or part of the Application or its updates (except only to the extent which any one of the restrictions above is prohibited by applicable law or authorized under the terms of the license governing the use of an open-source software component integrated into the Application). All rights, titles or interest in the contents that were not expressly granted to you in this license are reserved by Softbank or the third-party publisher. This license shall remain in force until it is rescinded by you, Softbank or the third-party publisher. The rights granted under this license will be revoked immediately and without notification by Softbank or the third-party publisher if you disregard any one of its provisions. If the license is revoked, you must stop using the Application and destroy all whole or partial copies of the Application.
  • (ii) Use of your data. You grant Softbank or the third-party publisher permission to collect and use technical data and all associated information, which is gathered regularly in order to facilitate providing updates to software, technical support services for the Application as well as other services (if necessary) pertaining to the Application.
  • (iii) Warranty limitations. You acknowledge and accept that using the Application will be at your own risk and peril. To the extent authorized by the applicable law in force, the Application is supplied “as-is,” with all its imperfections and without any warranty whatsoever. Softbank or the third-party publisher, as well as their licensors, exclude from this license any explicit warranties and terms, tacit or legal, including, but not limited to, warranties and/or terms relative to quality as regards the vendor, customer satisfaction and accuracy with regard to the Application. Softbank or the third-party publisher does not guarantee that your Application will work without disruption or interruption during use, that it is free of errors, that the Application’s imperfections will be corrected or that it will be compatible or function with third-party software or devices. Installing the Application may affect the operation of third-party software, applications, or services. No oral or written information, regardless of its nature, conveyed by Softbank, its employees or third-party publishers, will constitute a warranty in the event that the Application malfunctions. The warranty limitations specified above apply without prejudicing any of the consumer’s applicable legal rights.
  • (iv) Liability. To the fullest extent permitted by applicable law, Softbank or the third-party publisher cannot be held liable for any personal injury or accidental, special, indirect and incidental damage including, but not limited to: damages due to a loss of profits, data, interruption of business activities or all other damage of a commercial nature or due to the non-transmission or reception of data. The total liability of Softbank or the third-party publisher towards you for any damage cannot exceed 50 euros, without prejudicing any legal requirements that may pertain to personal injury.
  • (v) Applicable law. This license and your use of the Application are governed by French Law. Your use of the Application may also be subject to mandatory local, regional, national or international laws.
  • (vi) Contract language. In the event of any dispute between the French version and any other version, only the French version shall apply, within the limits set by the laws of applicable jurisdiction.